White interiors full of harmony and taste.

What do we love white interiors for? Maybe for the fact that against the background of white walls the remaining pieces of equipment seem clean, gain lightness? Or maybe because the white interiors sedue the impression of unlimited space? See why white color in interior design will never go out of fashion!

White won the hearts of designers. Certainly, the inexhaustible possibilities of creating a mood offered by interior design based on white have contributed to this. White interiors can be raw, even cool, or friendly, full of natural charm. White also owes its popularity to the fact that it perfectly fits any style in the interior – both modern and glamorous. For interiors decorated in Scandinavian or Greek style, this is a must-have colour, which is the basis of the décor.

In the interior design, all shades of white are fashionable today – from snowy to slightly creamy, even similar to yellow, ending with falling into the blue and rubbing against gray.

White, due to its neutrality, is also a graceful complement to the other colors – depending on the company it can be immaculate, sterile or on the contrary – combined with warm browns or pastel colors creates a warm, cozy atmosphere.

White for space

In small interiors, white can do a lot – because it reflects light, visually enlarges the room, refreshes it and illuminates it. White walls create the impression of spaciousness , especially if the interior is well lit. It must be remembered, however, that in the shade of white turns into gray. When deciding on large white surfaces, it is worth choosing easily washable materials, because white is quite difficult to keep clean.

White – solo and accompanied

When the white color plays in the interior design, the main violin – in a monochrome combination of white walls and furniture, and sometimes even a white floor – impresses with harmony and classic elegance. When, in turn, it provides the background for expressive colorful accents, it allows you to easily create a modern arrangement full of freshness and good energy.

The combination of white and wood or wicker breaks down a bit of its sterile character, thanks to which the interior décor acquires coziness. On the other hand, white combined with stone (mostly with its dark slabs on the floor or wall) gives a refined effect, straight from a luxurious apartment.

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