Yellow color in the interiors – what properties does it have? What to combine yellow with?

Warm, energetic, full of optimism – despite these pleasant features, yellow is a difficult color in interior design. It should be used in moderation, as well as know what to combine it with. Thanks to our guide you will learn about the different incarnations of yellow color and you will easily introduce it to the décor!

Skillfully selected colors of walls are the best method for creating a beautiful apartment. The yellow color of the walls animates and illuminates the interior, adding to its warm character. It is a great choice for both modern and classic interiors. However, we do not recommend painting all the walls in yellow – such a solution can over-excite and even cause stress and tremor. So it is better to limit to 1-2 walls or to paint only fragments in yellow (e.g. the lower part of the walls).

It is worth knowing: yellow color likes modernity and even avant-garde. It feels good on lacquered surfaces, plastic or metal and transparent, such as went or pleksiglass.
Yellow energy in interiors

Yellow color in the interiors adds energy and has a positive effect on the household. The final effect, of course, depends on the shade of yellow on which we will bet. The smoothest pastel yellow will bring a lot of light to the design, while not optically overwhelming the interior. Stronger shades – lemon or sunny yellow falling into orange – will instantly dynamise the décor. It is worth balancing them a little, putting together with white and gray.

Yellow step-by-step room – what to know?

Interior design using yellow color is cozy, warm and sunny. The yellow color of the walls is a solution that fits virtually all rooms. In the living room or bathroom, yellow will add energy, in the dining room and kitchen will stimulate appetite. In the bedroom, it will be useful to sleepers – they will wake up faster thanks to it! Yellow also often appears in youth rooms. It works great in a duet with black, creating expressive, contrasting compositions. And that’s what teenagers like.

Good advice: According to eastern tradition, yellow is the color of wisdom, conducive to mental focus and discipline. So let’s try to apply it in the office or corner for work.

If we want to convince our self to the yellow color in stages , let’s start with the additions. These can be curtains, carpets, flower pot casings, flower beds, photo frames and graphics and posters with a strongly accented yellow color. Or maybe furniture right away? In this season you can see the fashion for yellow seating furniture. Sofas and armchairs in this color are upholstered with velvet and veil, which interestingly combines the energy of yellow color with elegant material. Of course, we can also put on bruises more modern and easier to keep clean, that is, cotton, polyester or synthetic leather.

What to combine yellow with?

Yellow can be warm and sunny, shimmering like silk robes of Buddhist monks, or cool like lemon peel taken straight from the fridge. What other colors is it worth convince? Here are some tips.

Yellow color in we put with green – gives a feeling of spring freshness.
Yellow color in we put together with black – we will get a strong contrast, which will make the interior take on a strong, strong character, and at the same time black will not be so overwhelming.
Yellow color in we put it in gray – we will surprise everyone with our refined taste.
Gold and yellow? A combination unusual, but interesting. This duo loves shine and black background. Adding Arabesque fabrics and pseudo-palace decorations, we will get an evocative composition maintained in a fashionable glamour style, with a hint of drama. For an expressive set it is better to choose simple forms of furniture.

Or maybe less obvious connections? As much as possible! This season, the yellow color is often set with powdery rose. This slightly cooler shade of pink soothes the energy of yellow. The result is modern, tasteful and elegant compositions.

If we like expressive, contrasting color combinations, let’s combine yellow with blue. But beware, preferably only in extras! Such a solution appears in modern arrangements. The base of the décor is usually white and gray, while blue and yellow accents interestingly dynamize it and warm it up.

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