Not any carpets, need to follow few tips.

Boho-style carpets warm the interiors, give them coziness and introduce patterns. And these should be oriental patterns, although nicely  are also seen classic stripes (preferably multicolored), as well as a few geometric patterns. Especially popular today are woolen Moroccan carpets. They usually have simple repeating patterns – diamonds, stripes, arrows, etc. However, they are not drawn with geometric precision, but rather like folk decorations, that is, a bit irregular and trembling hand. This is what determines their unique expression.



The above carpets are great for boho interiors with narrow colors. However, when we are not afraid of colorful arrangements, you can afford the Persian carpet. However, be wary of old, grandmotherly models. Variations on persian carpets often look extremely original. They still have the climate of their predecessors, but they also do not lack individualism.

Very in the spirit of boho are multicolored sidewalks woven flat. They, moreover, also have an oriental pedigree.

Of course, on this repertoire of carpets fit into the style of boho does not run out. In this case imagination is the limit.

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